The adoption process

  • The first step in using the website, as an aid to adoption, is to select the leading practice that is of interest. The next step is to complete the registration detail to acquire or update the user profile that is required for access to the selected leading practice.
  • Opens the form on which to provide the user details required by the website overseer to check with the relevant adoption team and to allocate an appropriate user profile and password.
  • Opens a description of the four possible user profiles and outlines the intention, scope and limitations of each. Explains that, when the profile is opened, the user can access adoption guidance and progress information on all leading practices in the profile.
  • Some of the activities in the adoption process require that the user download a document that needs to be completed, uploaded and submitted before the activity can be signed off as completed. The user is provided with an option to bypass this requirement, but this is duly recorded.
  • The steps requiring completion of a downloaded document are particularly important in that, together, these completed documents constitute a portfolio of evidence indicative of progress and the extent and quality of the adoption process.
  • Outlines the process of uploading the previously downloaded document and emphasises the need to ensure that the document properly reflects the extent of what has x`been done at the mine.
  • Submitted documents will be preserved in the system as a portfolio of evidence in respect of the adoption process undertaken by the mine for the leading practice in question.
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In-Stope Atomisation for dust suppression

Some of the most effective approaches to dust control & reducing the exposure of employees to respirable dust emanating from mining activity is to prevent the respirable dust from getting airborne and removing dust from ventilating air. Various methods have been employed across the world to achieve this. Suppression of dust using water-based methods is a widely known phenomenon, and in most instances has proven to be effective.

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