Leading practices

Below is a list of leading practices, with which MOSH is currently involved in, relating to noise. Once they are available online you will be able to monitor and manage your progress all through your profile.

Hearing protection device: Training, Awareness and Selection (HPD TAS) Tool

The objective of the HPD TAS Tool Leading Practice is to assist the South African mining industry with the elimination of NIHL by improving the effectiveness of mine hearing conservation programmes. This leading practice will lessen the risks of damage to mineworkers' hearing.
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Tyre Deflation Noise Reduction Leading Practice

The Tyre Deflation Noise Reduction Simple Leading Practice is a practice which primarily focuses on the mitigation of the noise exposure risk of employees performing tyre maintenance work on or around mobile equipment. This is achieved through the isolation of the noise source position and remotely releasing it further away from the employee’s potential exposure position/zone.
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