At most mines the initial decision to adopt the leading practice will be made by a relatively small group of people. This would usually include the General Manager, the Mine Manager, the Production Manager, the Occupational Health and Safety Manager and, depending on the practice in question, the relevant Specialist at the mine. Significant influence over the decision could in some cases come from one or two people at the mine’s group head office, as well as from senior union representatives at the mine. Where this is the case they should be included in the decision-making.

Principle decision to adopt:

The undersigned representative from the mine hereby indicates the mine’s intention to adopt the MOSH Leading Practice and commits to follow the MOSH Adoption Process as outlined in the specific MOSH Leading Practice Adoption Guide . The mine specifically commits to attend the COPA meetings as well as the behavioural communication and leadership behaviour process as set out in the adoption guide.

* Compulsory fields

1. Company details

2. Mine adoption team manager detail

A person appointed by the mine to lead the process of adoption of the leading practice at the mine and to help them faciliate its adoption across the entire mine

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