Hearing protection device: Training, Awareness and Selection (HPD TAS) Tool

The objective of the HPD TAS Tool Leading Practice is to assist the South African mining industry with the elimination of NIHL by improving the effectiveness of mine hearing conservation programmes. This leading practice will lessen the risks of damage to mineworkers' hearing.


HPD TAS leading practice adoption guide


Portfolio of evidence

Adoption tracker

Educational, motivational and training materials for trainers, comprising:

Other materials available

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Hearing Loss Simulator

This is a software training and communication tool for promoting hearing loss prevention by demonstrating the effects of noise exposure on hearing without actually experiencing noise-induced hearing loss.


Industry-wide Buy and Maintain Quiet Initiative (IBMQI)

This is an industry-wide arrangement whereby mining companies procure equipment and maintain existing equipment that conforms to specific noise emission requirements.

YouTube Videos

Educational/motivational (15 minutes long), which conveys the message that loud noise is hazardous and illustrates the potential consequences of exposure to it.

How to protect yourself from going deaf [photo]
How to protect yourself from going deaf:
How to protect yourself from going deaf [photo]
'To hear or not to hear': The choice is yours



Handouts for trainees in the form of a 16-page, A-5 self-cover booklet illustrating the risks of excessive noise exposure, as well as the correct use and care of HPDs, produced in English and Zulu.

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